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Status: Closed
Join Date: 08-25

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Armada joined Hack Forums in 2011. His original intent was to find IRC attack scripts, to attack his own IRC network to stress test certain services. Armada wasn't too active between the years of 2012 to 2014. After returning to the site in 2015, his activity greatly increased and now has over 19,000 individual posts on the site. The majority of his posts can be found in the Remote Administration Tools, The Lounge and Rules, Announcements, News, and Feedback suforums.

Over the course of a couple years, Armada picked up many different skills ranging from small-time coding to increasing his knowledge in the Remote Administration Tools and network infiltration. After poster around the forums a bit, Armada got involved in the Marketplace. The activity and profitability of the section intrigued Armada into buying and selling different tools, most famously, the Orcus Remote Administrator.

Armada starting creating the Orcus Project in late 2015 with the user Sorzus. The project took 6 months to release to the public. Once the project was released, the market exploded. It is estimated that around 4000 units were sold between the various versions available.

When asked about his hopes surrounding the project, Armada replied.

I did not have a large hope for Orcus. It was curiosity I would say that got it all started. Sorzus had posted about a project he had written and wanted the communities opinion on what to do with it. I PMed him out of curiosity and with my experience with Remote Admin Tools, Realized the power and flexibility he had incorporated into the project (Then known as Snorkel) I discussed with him to launch it professionally, and well, that is how it started. After testing and Implementation, My central hope was to be a leader in the professional Remote Administrative technologies industry, despite the numerous setbacks, I feel we have accomplished what we wanted to do.

Armada became a Leader of Legends in February of 2017, shortly after its creation. Armada later created led the RAT Division for Legends, recruitment for the division officially opened up in July of 2017. A couple of weeks later, he was then kicked after a heated argument with the user Bull™. Armada was later readded by the owner of the group, Raymond Reddington.

When asked if there were any users who had a great influence on his time on Hack Forums, he replied.

Well, all the main crew from Legends.

m0bile, Raymond Reddington, Mad76e, DamienVC (RIP), Incendiary(RIP), Minimalist, True Demon, Lrrr #Skyline (For keeping me on my toes), Omniscient (For actually giving me good honest advice at times), and many more. Too many to name.

Eagle95 for all the warnings

On the 4th of December, 2018, Armada requested an account closure.

Armada would like to leave this piece of advice for any new member that are coming to Hack Forums

Head down, Chin up, Be helpful and contribute.

Don't let the Ubers and Higher up members with their neg reps get to you, just be a decent member and the Green apples come regardless.

Awards help but don't really mean shit, but they are pretty pixels.


  • Former Leader of Legends.
  • Former Leader of Crypto.
  • Former Leader of Enigma.
  • Developer and Owner of the Orcus RAT.
  • Former "Interviewer" for HF News.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • 5,000+ Posts in RAT subforum.
  • 2,000 positive reputation