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Arcane (Userbar).png

Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 10-20-2016
Owner: ๖ۣۜNex
Leaders Craze Products, OMARATION
Previous Iteration: Incentive
Next Iteration: Eclipse
Arcane (Banner xD).png


Arcane was a short-lived group rented from ๖ۣۜNex by Craze Products. The intended purpose of the group was revolving business, but after the member that rented the group was closed, the group went up for sale and was purchased within 2 weeks. Not much else is known about the group. There was never a recruitment thread and the leaders did not reveal their plans during the time that the group was active.


Arcane was formed when the member Craze Products rented the previous group, Incentive from ๖ۣۜNex. He decided to change the name to Arcane but kept all the previous group graphics while another leader, OMARATION offered $75 and a group entry for a new userbar, ficon, header, and thread dividers. A few days following the rebranding of the group, Craze Products was closed and the group was placed back on sale by ๖ۣۜNex.

Current Status

The group was purchased by Views and rebranded to Eclipse.