April Fools 2015

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2015 was the seventh official Hack Forums April Fool’s event. This year members were told to activate 2 Factor Authentication on their accounts by clicking on a link. The link led to a page wishing the members a Happy April Fools.


The header banner of the website told users that 2 Factor Authentication had been released and visit this link to register. Upon visiting the link, members were show a QR Code which led to a page saying

April Fools! Yes, I know you want 2FA and seriously it's coming but for now I got a joke out of it.


Older members were expecting a prank, however, many were fooled by the 2 Factor Autentication banner because it was common knowledge that Omniscient had been working on it.

Omniscient released a working Gauth 2-Factor Authentication System 10 days later.

Record of the event