April Fools 2013

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2013 was the fifth official Hack Forums April Fool’s event. This year, all members were told to wait for a specific PM from Omniscient, which never came for any member. Also adding onto this, the Hack Forums News Team stated that they were ceasing production of the news due to a DMCA infringement.


At the header of the website there was a bright green announcement box telling the user to check their PM inbox. Upon clicking this link they were transferred to their inbox, however they had no message from Omniscient. The ‘Your Threads’ and ‘Your Posts’ hyperlinks were also removed from the header.

For the News Team, the official announcement from Sir stated that

Another forum has laid claim to the idea that they own the news system that Hack Forums currently utilizes. Seeing as it's not in the team's best interests to try to fight these allegations any longer, we've fallen to an end. At this point, we just need to pass under the waves and die with love, rather than tear ourselves apart.

The News arrived on schedule the following week


Although many members fell for this prank , some were replied to first-hand by Omniscient, telling them to ‘wait until next year’ to see what the prank was. This didn't stop members from making over 40 threads on the subject (Not including those which had been closed. Some going as far as stating that they had received their PM, just to entice a response from the other members. In regards to the News Team, some members saw through the posts as the News had been going for years with no issue, while others fell prey to the joke.

Record of the event

http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3375055 And http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3371591