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Appraisers (Userbar).png

Those with vast knowledge of the marketplace who will dedicate themselves to appraising and reviewing any and all marketplace offerings.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 01-23-2018
Owner: Divined
Leaders c$sh • Lrrr
Previous Iteration: Legends
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No introduction has been specified for this group.


Appraisers was purchased by Divined from Raymond Reddington for an undisclosed amount.

Current Status


Appraisers is a group of high quality and community trusted members who will work together to make the Hack Forums market a safer place. Appraisers will unbiasedly and incorruptibly review as well as appraise any/all marketplace offerings. Appraisers will confirm account ownership, NFA holdings, BTC backing, and other deal-breaking metrics. Appraisers will help to facilitate on-site deals by confirming vendor identities, product completeness, product originality, and product quality. Appraisers do not accept any form of payment for favorable appraisals, with no exemptions.