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A group that engages in active discussions about Anime, Manga, Visual Novels and the Japanese culture.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: January 12th, 2015
Owner: Assault
Leaders Tweety
Previous Iteration: Studio
Next Iteration: -
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AnimeFAN! used to be an unofficial group that has resided on HackForums for over 3 years. The group is now official, we have our own user bar and sub forum! We are one of the oldest groups of members on HackForums which had dozens of members coming and going. AnimeFAN! is a group of individuals who share the same interests; Anime, Manga and the Japanese culture. Our interests brings us together allowing us to participate in dozens of fun group activities. AnimeFAN! members will be participating in various different activities that range from movie nights, group reading, group gaming and just engaging/having fun. The group is not strict, we expect you to be active, friendly and having fun in general. We have a Teamspeak and Skype group chat which you can use to communicate with other members, they will also be used to participate in activities. Members who are not in AnimeFAN! are free to join in to the server and group, assuming you are friendly.


Originally created by Happeh as an unofficial group, the group is the oldest organization on the forum, dating back to 2010. In collaboration with Assault and Tweety, Happeh ushered the group into its official status. Due to its already large membership base and because of the nature of the group, activity in the group is high and shows no signs of stopping.

Current Status

The group is currently recruiting all Anime and Manga lovers. You can find their recruitment thread here.