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The default user group for all Hack Forums Administrators.
Type: Executive
Founded: July 8, 2007
All Members OmniscientXeroticEagle 95
Previous Members iBruteforceGuruCrowJudge DreddXch4ng3Factor8


Administrators acts as the default user group for all administrators. They perform key tasks, whether it be managing account recovery, developing new features, or running the forum.


Administrators was one of the first groups to be created on Hack Forums. It was introduced shortly after the site launched to allow Omniscient to be recognized as an admin. Up until 2018, Omniscient long remained as one of the only people in the group. Due to realignments and changes, multiple long-term administrators were picked to allow for a more distributed and manageable workload. This included members like Factor8, Xerotic, and Eagle 95.

Current Status

The current status of this group is unknown.