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3p1c (Userbar).png

Secondary upgrade group.
Status: Active
Type: Upgrade
Founded: 05/01/2015
Leaders Omniscient


3p1c is Hack Forums' third upgrade group along with Ub3r and L33t. The idea originally started with the name "P0w3r", but it was later changed to "3p1c" because Omniscient thought it suited the other two better. 3p1c is a secondary group which means a user will not lose his or her L33t or Ub3r status when upgrading.

The benefits of upgrading to 3p1c are:

  • Private Message box increased to 5000
  • Search flood limit set to 5 seconds
  • Max Post Length setting is 24,000 characters
  • Post flood limit set to 1 second (*additionally requires Ub3r)
  • Private Message flood limit set to 1 second (*additionally requires Ub3r)
  • Can invoke a Self Ban
  • Ignored members cannot view your profile
  • 3p1c userbar image on profile
  • Access to Trust Scan
  • Access to Country Lock


3p1c was initially meant to support Hack Forum's official cryptocurrency, Omnicoin. As Omnicoin began to loose value, Omniscient decided to remove Omnicoin from 3p1c's list of accepted payment.

Current Status

3p1c is still available and can be purchased as a secondary upgrade group, meaning a user's L33t/Ub3r group won't be replaced with 3p1c.