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==Conditions of Upgrading==
==Conditions of Upgrading==
They are unknown as of yet.
They are unknown as of yet.

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3p1c will be Hackforums third upgrade group along with Ub3r and L33t. The idea originally started with the name "P0w3r", but it was later changed to "3p1c" because Omniscient thought it suited the other two better. 3p1c will be a secondary group which means a user will not lose his or her L33t or Ub3r status when upgrading.

Benefits of Upgrading

The benefits of upgrading to 3p1c will be:

  • Extra permissions
  • Lower flood times for searching, posting and private messages.
  • Extra security features

The usergroup has yet to be released and people believe that more features will be announced upon release.

Upgrading process

It is unknown how exactly the process is going to take place, but it will be available for any member and it's likely to be under $20 in price. It's also believed that the only payment option could be Bitcoins.

Conditions of Upgrading

They are unknown as of yet.