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  • None. This group no longer exist.


Group History

This group was the second to last new group to have been purchased on Hack Forums, given Complexity's inception following Judge Dredd's demotion. Talks to buy the group were in progress prior to Omniscient's announcement that groups were no longer being sold. On October 1st, 2012, the group opened its doors to invitation.

The meaning behind the group was nothing short of a love story. The story is said to go:

A long time ago, three years ago to be exact, there was this girl who loved this boy madly (in fact they were both deeply in love) and they had cute things they share with one another. But these cute things had deeper meanings you see, they meant more than words. The two lovers would experiment with words to express their feelings, and 143 came first.

The meaning of 143 was as follows:

  • 1 = 1 letter in I.
  • 4 = 4 letters in Love.
  • 3 = 3 letters in You.

Since its formation, the group had been one of the biggest contributors to Hack Forums. The group had often shown its compassion for the community with some of the largest giveaways Hack Forums has ever seen, time and time again. Many of the users also contributed in one of the biggest help desks in the Innuendo section.

In the past when asked what the rest of the community should expect to see of 143 we were given the following response:

Expect to see nothing but the best from 143.

The group was changed to Phoenix after being purchased from Daisy from Tibit.

Goal or Manifesto

143 is a group of select individuals unified in the ideology of helping and maintaining a certain level of quality throughout all of HackForums. Our basis is simple, in order to have; one must learn to give.


143 is an exclusive, invite only group, so there are no set requirements. However there is not one specific quality, but many that are looked for in potential members. Invitations must be unanimously decided upon by both of the leaders after the members judged on a series of things. Of course, this system can fail but will all good things come not-so-good things.


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