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This member is a current or past Mentor on Hack Forums.
Mentors moderate various subforums that have high volumes of activity and require a higher degree of supervision than other subforums.
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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 11-05-2009

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-BoodyE- came to Hack Forums looking for cheats and tweaks for his computer less than 3 years ago. He wanted to gain other users' respect and join the ranks of L33t, Ub3r or Staff. -BoodyE- joined the Reviewers team, which is where he got his start. He was a leader of the group, alongside Skill and Cam G, but left leadership due to personal problems. He was promoted to Mentor in May of 2012, and re-assumed his leadership of the Reviewers in September of 2012. Sometime in April of 2013, his account was closed and many of his awards were revoked.

As of now, he is still active albeit without his mentor rank and his awards returned back to him.


  • Former HackForums Mentor
  • Former Moderator of Review Requests, Premium eBook Bazaar and Reviewers subforums.
  • Former leader of Reviewers

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • One of the original leaders of the Reviewers, helping to keep activity up.
  • General hacking
  • Reviewing eBooks