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Raymond Reddington
Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 11-22-2013

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Raymond Reddington ended up on Hack Forums while looking for tutorials on defacing websites through SQL injection. He found what he needed and went inactive for a year and half before becoming active again around February 2015. When he returned, he started exploring around the forum to see what he can learn and benefit from the most.

As a user who shies away from the constant drama, Raymond Reddington maintained a low profile and stayed away from dramas and issues unless he is forced to take part. Even with his low profile, Raymond Reddington made a name for himself with his exceptional products which has earned a positive reputation among its competitors.

With his financial success, Raymond Reddington struck a deal with Omniscient to get an official group slot for an unknown amount of Bitcoin. Named Legends, Raymond Reddington is successfully proving himself to be a capable and understanding owner. With his group’s objective, his stance on making Hack Forums a better place with high quality content is strong as ever.

Besides that, Raymond Reddington is a humble person who does not give up in achieving his own objectives. He has personally stated that he wouldn’t have been a group owner by now if he gave up in his newbie years.

Had I given up that time, I wouldn’t be here.


Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Humble and hard-working