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| AwardName1= Sapphire of Ub3r
| AwardName1= Sapphire of Ub3r
| AwardName2= Support Feather
| AwardName2= Support Feather
| AwardName3=  
| AwardName3= Gift
| AwardName4= Emerald Donator
| GroupName1= Red Lions
| GroupName1= Red Lions
| GroupName2= 3p1c
| GroupName2= 3p1c

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!!* Alone Vampire *!!
Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 06-28-2010

Sapphire of Ub3r (Award).pngSupport Feather (Award).pngGift (Award).pngEmerald Donator (Award).png


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3p1c (Userbar).png
Ub3r (Userbar).png



!!* Alone Vampire *!!'s urge to learn more about remote administration tools brought him to Hack Forums after a quick Google search but once here he quickly settled into the community. Alone is a fan of programming and quickly developed and honed his skills while on Hack Forums.

He was promoted to promoted to Probational Staff member on the June 28, 2015 and on August 25, 2015, he finished his probational period as a Staff member, and became an official Staff member.

For unknown reasons, Alone Vampire was demoted from his staff rank on the 20th of February, 2016.


  • Became leader of Red Lions on the 17th, June, 2015
  • Current Leader of Red Lions
  • Former Staff Member

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Programming
  • EDM
  • Swimming
  • Snooker