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Join Date: 04-13-2012

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Zayne joined Hackforums due to an interest regarding computers and technology and after a few months of reading up on different security measures he later on grew a passion for exploring different ways around security, and also grew a better understanding of different coding languages. However, mostly website oriented security work, and a bit lower-level. Zayne used to run a prestigious group called Pernicious Developers together with a very close friend to him who went under the alias Sky. Pernicious Developers (PD) was a security oriented group who recruited like-minded people from different forums and communities who all had a passion for researching security & technology on their free-time. Pernicious Developers was also involved in a lot of on-site drama.


  • Previous brotherhood Website Hacking sector leader
  • Involved in various site dramas

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Formerly active in the Beginner Hacking section
  • Formerly active in the Website and forum hacking section
  • Formerly active in The Lounge
  • Security and technology work
  • Car enthusiast
  • Website penetration
  • Passion for programming
  • Hating on owls